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Author: Harley Mistry

Harley Mistry is an experienced and smart member of the writer s’ team at our online academic service. He is good in essay writing sphere and is mainly specialized in History writing. He has been assigned for many customers` orders and has completed all of them successfully. That`s the main reason, he is considered to be one of the best in his specialization.

Harley`s childhood was strongly connected with history and education as a whole. He was born in teachers` family, so he was raised in tight relation with studying atmosphere. History has been always a matter of great interest for Harley, so there were no hesitations concerning his future career. He entered the Birmingham University, where he has also found his passion for writing. He worked as a columnist in one of the university magazines. Creation of his own blog has given him a go to continue developing his writing skills alongside with history studying. Now, he is a prestigious writer ranked high for his achievements.

Harley always says, “there is no future without past”. That is one of the main reasons he continues discovering something new in History as a science. Besides being a professional writer, Harley is an active participant of different history-related conferences, where he enriches his mind with new material and finds some inspiration as he says by himself.

A good thing is that Harley always tries to improve his skills and professional competence. While working with customers` orders, he is concentrated on work and does his best to complete a top-quality paper. Do not think that history papers are boring, this author knows for sure how to do everything according to the highest writing standards and provide customers with interesting and worth reading content.

When not at work, Harley likes fishing a lot. It helps him to relax and be in harmony with nature. Besides it, he is good at playing the guitar. A nice evening for Harley is singing songs on the guitar with his friends near the lake.

Harley is going to publish his own book “History repeats itself” pretty soon. He also believes that we are those who create the history, so his desire to contribute to the process is huge.


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