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Author: Lara Coleman

Lara Coleman is on her mission to assist as many students as possible with their academic troubles. Trained as a professional creative writer, she is now one of the most frequently chosen authors at our company.

Lara has been keen on writing since her childhood. Being a student at school, she took part in many competitions, was a participant of various writing clubs and groups. That has helped her a lot to improve own writing skills, develop creative thinking. When Lara was 15, she decided to connect her future career with writing. She started her preparation for university. Lara graduated from Warwick University and got the first well-paid job immediately. Being a student, she has started her own blog concerning education and student life, which is pretty popular now among youngsters.

Lara has passed all the examination to get a position at our company, so now she is ranked high at the writers` list. She has also good communication skills, what helps her a lot to get on well with all customers and satisfy them with provided services. Lara is considered to be a true master in creative writing sphere. Doing her best and showing extremely big interest in what she is doing make all customers satisfied with Lara`s professionalism.

Besides being good in writing, the author is always full of new ideas and approaches to customers` orders. Each paper written by her is always 100% original and well-thought. Lara is responsible worker, there are no problems with delays, missed deadlines and something like that. She always takes great pains to do everything on time with no quality sacrificing.

“Travelling is like a book, who doesn’t travel reads just one page” – these words are just like motto for Lara. She likes to travel a lot, discovering new places and gaining new experience. She says it helps her to get some inspiration and be full of new ideas and energy. Besides writing, Lara is a keen admirer of photographing. Her blog is also full of many snaps, reflecting ordinary people in their everyday life.

To sum up, we can say that Lara Coleman is worth working at our company thanks to her sharp mind and intelligence combined with sincere and always ready to help personality.

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