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Author: Mia Cunningham

Mia Cunningham is a successful writer, amateur photographer and owner of the exhibition. How can this charming woman run all that stuff? Curious? Let`s talk a little about one of the most frequently chosen writers at our company and just interesting woman Mia Cunningham.

Born in the family of doctors, Mia from her childhood was thought to be a doctor as well. However, as we can see now something went wrong and this is in a good sense. Being a child, she showed an extremely deep interest in art and writing, so her parents let her do what she wanted. Now, they do not regret their choice at all. She has graduated from Oxford University, attended different literature clubs, writing developing courses and authors` meetings. Recently, she has got her desirable position of an art writer at our company.

When you do something you like to provide for the living, it is not actually your job – it is just your well-paid hobby. That`s how Mia sees her work. Being intelligent and experienced enough, she always manages to satisfy customers with all their requirements. That allows her to be ranked high among other writers. One more thing that speaks good about Mia as a true professional is that she always takes all customers` requirements into consideration. As the result, she composes well-arranged and truly customized papers. Mia knows all ins and outs concerning essay writing, so if you need a paper in Art, be sure to get an outstanding one from this author.

Mia is capable to write both in British and American English. Besides it, she knows all essay types, formats and styles by heart. While working with customers, Mia shows her good nature and make them feel fully at ease.

Of course, there are some other things that interest Mia besides her work. Another well-paid hobby is the ownership of the exhibition. One of her leisure activity is photographing and working in the new contemporary style – shadow art. So, when Mia is free from work, she finds another pleasure for soul – by placing the most various objects she creates and outstanding shadow view.

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