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Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy is a legal document which oversees your and our relations as the website and our services. If you enter our website, you consent the provisions of the Privacy Policy. You as a customer, and we as a company have mutual rights and obligations which we have to follow.

If you don`t agree with some points described in the Privacy Policy you should leave our website and place no orders.

General Provisions

Our goal is to provide you with the top-quality service. That`s why easy and quick identification is required. This is also in favor of our communication and some other options.

We need some details about you to make the usage of our website comfortable for you. Moreover, we get your personal data only with your agreement.

If you are contest with our Privacy policy, you agree to provide us with honest and up-to-date information about yourself. We use the given information on legal basis.

All information we gather about you is given and proved by you personally.

The following details are provided by you:

  • Details on identification of your personality;
  • Details which you mention during the surveys;
  • Details which you mention while talking to our Support managers.

We never collect the following details:

  • Your political views;
  • Your sexual orientation;
  • Your religious beliefs;
  • Criminal convictions;
  • Physical or health conditions.

Details collected while visiting our website

Every time when you check our website, we get the following information:

  • Type of the browser;
  • Operating system;
  • Time of checking.

Of course, this data gives us no opportunity to identify you, but it is very important to improve the context of our website and to customize it. This also helps to make the design of our website legible for customers.

Details we get when you make an order

When you decide to place an order on our website, you will be asked for certain personal information which is necessary to complete in the order form. We will ask for the following details:

  • Your email address;
  • Your phone number;
  • Last 4 numbers on your credit card and its type and name on it;
  • A copy of your driving license or your personal ID.

We need your email to keep in touch with you. We will send you notifications concerning the order and in case the writer has any questions. If you click on “proceed to payment” button, you agree to receive emails/SMS concerning the discounts and bonuses.

We will ask you to provide us with your driving license or the copy of your national ID (with only your name visible) and your card information (the last 4 numbers, name on the card and its type) to escape fraud while proceeding with payment. If you have made the payment online, then you can be asked to provide a receipt.

Ways of communication

We strive to follow the highest standards of quality while talking about collecting and using of your personal data. Obviously, if we get some complains or reports concerning the usage of personal information, they are treated immediately. You can inform us at any time, when you think that we use personal data in not fair or unsuitable way. We welcome all the suggestions.

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