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The smartest ways to write a Persuasive Essay and be confident in convincing people

Harley Mistry

6 Steps to write a good Persuasive Essay

Use the power of your thoughts that are written in your essay to convince people in what you have opinion on. The persuasive essay can be based on your point of view on any subject matter. It may concern your attitude towards raising your salary, existing love and friendship, or any other controversial idea or topic that many people have different opinions on. You have to present your point of view, support it and defend. The ability to correctly deliver your thoughts in an essay is necessary for everyone. There are a lot of good persuasive essays that you can find using essay writing service.

Give yourself time.

If you have this opportunity, consider the arguments that you will be able to defend. Hassle only obstructs your successful writing. Don’t try to create a great essay on five paragraphs in an hour. Take some time for brainstorming, writing and checking the outcome.

Come up with main points.

Remember your goal is to convince the reader into agreeing with you or, at least, recognizing that your idea is valid. Take a clear position in order to show that you have chosen one side over all the others if you want them to believe your words. Try to be well-defined about your reasons and details, keep in mind that it’s not the reader’s job to connect your ideas. Very important step before writing it’s considering your audience. If you’re trying to convince, learn who is that person, who would disagree with you and why.

Make up an introduction.

The introduction is considered to be the most important part of the essay. A good introduction provides general information on your essay, and help to interest them in that topic even more. Start with the some “trick”. This should be the first sentence that will attract the attention of the reader. It may be a question, humorous situation, an anecdote, a fact, or a quote. Then give some background information in order to explain why this topic is important. The last thing in your introduction represents the thesis statement. Include in your thesis the main arguments for the better effect.

«Words have power»

In the main part you must have three paragraphs, at least. Each paragraph have to contain a basic idea that relates to part of your argument. In these paragraphs t you must prove your point of view and provide evidence. You don’t have to forget that without evidence the arguments will not sound very persuasive. It also has to be supported with reasons and details. For example, to have a strong argument you will need, at least, three reasons. Use the facts and refer to some statistics. Proven facts allow people to rely on something.


Use the counter-argument which is opposing view or the view of a person who would disagree with your opinion. This way is used to show that you have considered both sides and you’ve made a decision.

Final stage

It’s time to write a conclusion which should include information related to the thesis. Summarize the main points and then end your concluding paragraph with a strong statement and this part should leave readers with the lasting impression. And remember:
“To be persuasive we must be believable;
to be believable we must be creditable;
to be credible we must be truthful.”

― Edward R. Murrow

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